Search query

Find a property by placing a search query
Using your requirements as a starting point, we will find you a suitable property. We are often the first to know when new properties become available on the market.

When you place a search query with Home to rent, you will pay a non-recurring commission fee when the property we find for you is listed with another broker. When we find you a property from our own listings you will pay nothing, then we represent the landlord.

Unfortunately, we cannot do search queries for shared housing or student’s flats.

You can find suitable properties with a search query at Home to rent in 4 simple steps:
  1. Place a search query
  2. View property with a representative from Home to rent
  3. Sign the lease contract
  4. Inspection and key transfer
  1. Place a search query
    To place a search query with Home to rent please email us at (for properties in Utrecht and Amsterdam and surrounding areas). We will send you a form on which you can let us know your requirements, as well as a contract for services (the ‘opdracht tot dienstverlening’ or OTD in Dutch). With this contract, you commission Home to rent to find you a suitable property. During a personal intake meeting, we will discuss your requirements with you. After that, our search begins. You pay €350 excluding 21% VAT for start-up costs when you place a search query with Home to rent. These start-up costs will be deducted from the fees agreed upon in the ‘OTD’ when mediation has been successful and a lease contract is signed.
  2. Viewings with a representative from Home to rent
    Once Home to rent has found properties that match your requirements, we will plan viewings with you. We will try to plan multiple viewings on the same day as often as possible.
  3. Sign the lease contract
    Home to rent will help you negotiate price, conditions, starting date, notice and, when applicable, inventory of the property with the landlord/broker. In addition, we advise and support you when it comes to the lease contract prepared by the landlord/broker. Upon approval of the contract by both tenant and landlord, Home to rent will ensure that all necessary documents are signed.
  4. Key transfer
    When both parties have signed the lease contract, an appointment will be made for the inspection and key transfer to take place at the property. A representative from Home to rent will be present during the key transfer, and will inspect the property using an inventory list. Home to rent then writes an inspection report. In addition, Home to rent will take pictures of the property during the inspection.

For more information, please contact us or fill out the contact form and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.